Automation of email marketing with CRM

Automation of CRM email marketing, as well as any other automation, pursues the aim of the release of the person from processes for which a lot of energy is spent. It allows assuring that the message will be received by the correct person, in the correct time and with the correct contents.

Advantages of automation:

Saving of time
Automation of email-marketing serves in the reduction of the degree of labor input to the operations which are performed. It releases force for more important issues. To some extent, it is your right hand which will write and will send the letter gratitude for the second day after the meeting with the client.

In the necessary hands, in due time

Has one made the order in online store? In half an hour he will receive a confirmation with the order number and time of delivery. Has bought the smartphone? Next day one receives by email a discount coupon for the acquisition of an accessory to it. Bought nothing long time? Receive email notification with special offers. Agree, it is convenient. It is better than only one-time to adjust the corresponding trigger letters. And it leads to increase of conversion.

Without routine
Slave following to the got template of actions turns work into a mechanical habit. It shouldn’t be like that. One of the positive and main tasks of automatic mailing – to remove a routine. Instead of the manager it will remind the client of a meeting, will thank for visiting an event or webinar, will offer the presentation of the new range or service. It is a good solution to avoid client contacted support service.

Without mistakes

During the work with a large number of information even the skilled and erudite manager passes typos, and during the work with a large number of addresses, there is a probability to send the letter to the wrong address. The automatic mailing will solve these problems. But don’t relax. Your role is as follows: regularly to control sending trigger letters, in time to transfer information for sending letters to your service, to update and develop new templates, to analyze the result.