Perfect Security With the perfect Device Now

No digital device, a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, provide absolute reliability. The nature of failure situations is different: physical failure, software failure, blocker virus actions. The result is one – the loss of user data. How to protect valuable photos, documents and ensure their safe storage is written in this article.

How to do and where to store backups

Backup allows you to reduce the chance of losing user data. Modern operating systems offer advanced staff utilities for taking snapshots of important system and user files. First, let’s look at what data need to be copied to a copy. The good at bare metal servers are there with the best deals here now.

Users are advised not to archive:

Files larger than 100 MB: movies and videos, distributions of games and programs. All this can be downloaded again if necessary.

Music, with the exception of rare recordings that make up the diamond collection of real music lovers. The media library of most users includes songs, download which again does not seem to be a problem.

Files of games and programs installed on the computer, and their distributions

After a complete system reset, you download the application installation file and perform the installation again. According to experienced system administrators, installing a “clean” installation is even useful for a number of programs.

It is highly recommended to copy:

Important documents

In principle, it is difficult for the user to draw a line between valuable and useless text files and presentations stored on his disk. For this reason, it is easier to organize a full backup of the Documents folder.

Personal Photos

Photos are stored on external drives, optical disks, supplanting family paper photo albums. With the development of network technologies, users increasingly trust cloud storage. They are reliable, do not require maintenance costs and are accessible from any device connected to the Internet.

Work files of other formats. Experts in certain areas: artists, musicians, designers and builders, should organize a backup of their work files, if you work with them on your home computer.

To create a backup are used:

To store a backup copy are used:

External drives with USB connector. This is the most affordable storage method with a low price per megabyte of information. If there are few files, a 32 GB flash drive is enough. For large volumes are external HDD.

Optical discs CD or DVD

To reduce storage costs, users use rewritable media. The advantage of this method is a certain reliability and the ability to compactly store copies in a safe or fireproof cabinet.

Cloud storage

Convenient if your computer or laptop is connected to broadband internet. About security with this method will be discussed below.

Automation of email marketing with CRM

Automation of CRM email marketing, as well as any other automation, pursues the aim of the release of the person from processes for which a lot of energy is spent. It allows assuring that the message will be received by the correct person, in the correct time and with the correct contents.

Advantages of automation:

Saving of time
Automation of email-marketing serves in the reduction of the degree of labor input to the operations which are performed. It releases force for more important issues. To some extent, it is your right hand which will write and will send the letter gratitude for the second day after the meeting with the client.

In the necessary hands, in due time

Has one made the order in online store? In half an hour he will receive a confirmation with the order number and time of delivery. Has bought the smartphone? Next day one receives by email a discount coupon for the acquisition of an accessory to it. Bought nothing long time? Receive email notification with special offers. Agree, it is convenient. It is better than only one-time to adjust the corresponding trigger letters. And it leads to increase of conversion.

Without routine
Slave following to the got template of actions turns work into a mechanical habit. It shouldn’t be like that. One of the positive and main tasks of automatic mailing – to remove a routine. Instead of the manager it will remind the client of a meeting, will thank for visiting an event or webinar, will offer the presentation of the new range or service. It is a good solution to avoid client contacted support service.

Without mistakes

During the work with a large number of information even the skilled and erudite manager passes typos, and during the work with a large number of addresses, there is a probability to send the letter to the wrong address. The automatic mailing will solve these problems. But don’t relax. Your role is as follows: regularly to control sending trigger letters, in time to transfer information for sending letters to your service, to update and develop new templates, to analyze the result.

The Finest Android Process with the Best Data

Maybe you’ve heard the word “damaged” or you think your phone is broken, especially when you flash a ROM or root your phone. However, most users do not understand the meaning of “damaged phone”. This guide will give you a complete introduction and the reason that an Android phone is damaged. Most importantly, we will show you how to fix it without losing data.

When we say that a phone is broken, it often means that the phone cannot start properly and it becomes totally useless. In general, there are two types of damage: software failure and hardware failure. With my android care you can make the best now.

Software failure

In this case, although the phone does not turn on properly, you can still see something on the screen after startup. In this way, there is a software error in your phone. These are common symptoms of a phone:

  • The device is blocked at startup
  • The device is frozen at the startup screen
  • The device remains on the white or black screen
  • The device stuck in the recovery mode

Breakage of material

If it’s broken by hardware, the phone will not turn on anyway. Keep pressing the power button, but nothing happens. It seems that the phone is really dead.

  • But the breakage of equipment rarely happens to us. If unfortunately it happens to you, you can only send it to the manufacture.
  • In most cases, it is said that the phone is damaged, that is, the software failure, which can be fixed by other programs. Therefore, here we propose the effective method to repair the phone with software failure

Why is your Android mobile damaged?

There are various reasons to explain the damage. You can repair the phone in the following situations by the method in this guide.If you install an incompatible ROM in the Android phone, the battery will be consumed in the process or other operations will start your phone constantly, or get blocked on the start screen.You cannot root your phone when you update programs, but the phone is blocked because of some errors.

  • You install malware on your phone.
  • How to repair a damaged Android phone without loss of data
  • To repair a damaged phone, we present you Android Data Recovery , a professional software that is able to make the normal Android phone and recover data from a laptop with broken screen.


  • Powerful, the software can recover the phone blocked, frozen, crashed to the system and recover data from a phone with broken screen.
  • Easy to use, this software allows you to recover broken Android phone in just a few clicks. It saves you a lot of time.
  • Compatible with various models, including Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc. More models will be supported soon.