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Maybe you’ve heard the word “damaged” or you think your phone is broken, especially when you flash a ROM or root your phone. However, most users do not understand the meaning of “damaged phone”. This guide will give you a complete introduction and the reason that an Android phone is damaged. Most importantly, we will show you how to fix it without losing data.

When we say that a phone is broken, it often means that the phone cannot start properly and it becomes totally useless. In general, there are two types of damage: software failure and hardware failure. With my android care you can make the best now.

Software failure

In this case, although the phone does not turn on properly, you can still see something on the screen after startup. In this way, there is a software error in your phone. These are common symptoms of a phone:

  • The device is blocked at startup
  • The device is frozen at the startup screen
  • The device remains on the white or black screen
  • The device stuck in the recovery mode

Breakage of material

If it’s broken by hardware, the phone will not turn on anyway. Keep pressing the power button, but nothing happens. It seems that the phone is really dead.

  • But the breakage of equipment rarely happens to us. If unfortunately it happens to you, you can only send it to the manufacture.
  • In most cases, it is said that the phone is damaged, that is, the software failure, which can be fixed by other programs. Therefore, here we propose the effective method to repair the phone with software failure

Why is your Android mobile damaged?

There are various reasons to explain the damage. You can repair the phone in the following situations by the method in this guide.If you install an incompatible ROM in the Android phone, the battery will be consumed in the process or other operations will start your phone constantly, or get blocked on the start screen.You cannot root your phone when you update programs, but the phone is blocked because of some errors.

  • You install malware on your phone.
  • How to repair a damaged Android phone without loss of data
  • To repair a damaged phone, we present you Android Data Recovery , a professional software that is able to make the normal Android phone and recover data from a laptop with broken screen.


  • Powerful, the software can recover the phone blocked, frozen, crashed to the system and recover data from a phone with broken screen.
  • Easy to use, this software allows you to recover broken Android phone in just a few clicks. It saves you a lot of time.
  • Compatible with various models, including Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc. More models will be supported soon.


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