Understanding The Opportunities for SEO Now

An intensely debated topic, to which there is not much to add: the adaptability of the website. It is more than known that mobile surfing has a steady growth trend, to the detriment of surfing the desktop. For this reason, there is a need for adaptability of the website for different portable devices. If this item is not taken into account, users may experience a poorly-crafted experience that can cause frustration and ultimately delay and eventually avoid the site’s future.

Continuing on the chosen structure, find out if your website is adaptable to device size, answering the following questions:

  • When accessed from mobile, the content of the website is easy to read or is the zoom action necessary?
  • Do I have the option to scroll left and right on the interface?

Note: If zooming and left-right scrolling are available, then you need to fix these aspects of the website as quickly as possible. The existence of these items may affect your website’s reputation and may cause users an unpleasant experience.

  • Does the existing website image adapt to the size of the device on which it is accessed?
  • What is the user experience when accessing my website?

In order to analyze the answer to the last question, you can use the feedback forms, direct user contact, surveys or, similar to the way in the previous paragraph, analyze the website statistics that you can find in Google Analytics.

Keywords, their analysis and strategy

This point inevitably comes to the following question: are the keywords relevant to SEO in 2018? Compared with earlier times, using the right keywords in a large quantity guarantees us to get on Google’s first search positions. However, with the emergence of the Panda algorithm in 2011, excessive use of the right terms has come to an end.From LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO you will have the perfect feel of perfection in the promotion now.

However, keywords still have relevance for indexing websites on search engines. What has changed has been the fact that, from a main element, they have just become another feature of indexing. Therefore, by making competitive analysis, content optimization based on relevant keywords and continuous tracking and testing of your results, you will successfully accomplish another step in SEO optimization of your website.

Be cautious! Big changes will not occur overnight. The evolution is step by step, taking into account the other important aspects of the website, as well as the exogenous factors such as the changes of search engine indexing algorithms, the continuous and dynamic evolution of the e-commerce market, but also of the business of yours.


Tip: To get an idea of ​​recent user searches, what interests them or global trends, we recommend using the following tools: Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends. These tools will help you find similar terms for certain keywords and understand the evolution of certain trends.